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"Rachel from Dreams to Meet was SO helpful to me on AND before my wedding date. Originally, I thought I’d been to plenty of weddings and had an idea in mind of what I wanted in my wedding day, so I didn’t think I would really need much help. I decided to be safe, I would see if she would run some things through with me, and I am glad I did. Although I had most things in order, there were so many little things I hadn’t thought of that Rachel helped me with. She made everything, no matter how big or small, flow together and be so easy on me. She helped me with things that I hadn’t thought of such as tipping norms, certain decorations, and who would do what behind the scenes the day of. She also helped me finalize and shape up the things I had thought of so that they would run smoothly and easily. She made sure everyone that needed a schedule had a schedule. She made sure to have electronic and paper copies depending on peoples preference. She helped rope, wrangle and direct at our rehearsal, which was quite a job, but she got it done. She was there on the day of and I didn’t have to do A THING. I even had numerous family members come up to me saying how much of an angel she was, how to get in contact with her for future needs, and how much she helped and directed the day of (which was awesome because I didn’t even know anything about what was happening) -- She was just there running everything while I literally just had to enjoy my day.

Even with a wedding where everything is planned and planned and planned, there are going to be things that happen the day of, and I am so glad Rachel was there to handle things as they came. It really took all of the pressure off and we were able to just 100% enjoy our day with no issues or concerns."

Kayla Billings, Bride

"Rachel was wonderful! Not only did she successfully corral all of our groomsmen, she was on top of everything! I didn’t even have to think about any of the details and got to be in the moment all day thanks to her! Her attention to detail is impeccable and she has the ability to gracefully steer over eager guests from taking over and overstepping without hurting feelings. She truly cares about her brides as evidenced bu her constantly handing me water on a VERY hot and humid day. If you’re getting married, I highly recommend working with Rachel, she is so amazing at what she does!"

—Rachel Gellerman, Bride

"Rachel is amazing!!! Usually the highest rating is 5 stars, we give her a 10!!!! She was there every step of the way at my daughter's wedding, took care of so many details, kept everyone on time and even foresaw potential problems (Where is a Bobby pin and safety pin when you need it?) and prevented more than one disaster! She helped with decorating and clean up (God bless her), even helped direct the rehearsal and reception. Best of all, she is detail oriented and has a cheerful, calm demeanor. Our daughter's wedding was beautiful, went off without a hitch and STRESS free thanks to Rachel. We can't recommend her highly enough to others. Do yourself a favor and use Dreams to Meet for your next event!"

-Don and Carla Gellerman, 

Kelly Wedding Previews-24.jpg

“Rachel was amazing! She was on top of everything and I didn’t have to think about anything on my wedding day! She worked with us when we had to change plans due to COVID. I can’t even describe how great she is. She saved our wedding and made it a perfect day. I highly recommend her for anyone’s wedding!”

Meghan Kelly, Bride 

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