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Common but overlooked Questions – Venues

This blog is about tips and trick to make sure you are getting all the info you need from your venue before you book it. Finding a perfect venue for your wedding can be difficult depending on when you want to get married and where you live. There is so many things to keep in mind when picking your venue, such as: max amount of guest, cost, and even vendors requirement.

If you have decided not to hire a wedding planner or haven’t found one that matches the feel you want then here are some questions that are commonly overlooked.

Fist you will want to go over the logistics.

When you can get in the day of or before the wedding? You want to make sure you have enough time for you or your decorator to set up all of your tables and décor.

Do they have multiple wedding or event on the weekend or day of your event? If so, you will want to have special signage to let your guests know where your wedding is.

How many people can you fit comfortably in the space or on the dance floor? This is very important in the time of Covid-19 and Social Distancing. In a time, we don’t have to worry about that you have to make sure you have room for enough tables for your wedding unless you are okay with moving table to make a dance floor.

How many restrooms does the venue have and are they handicap accessible? Making sure your guests don’t have to stand in a long line to use the restroom and is easy to you for everyone.

What is their cancellation policy? I know that as couples begin to plan their big day it is hard to even imagine having to cancel or postpone your wedding but as we all have learned in 2020, things do happen.

What is their deposit and structure of payments? Knowing structure of payments can help you plan financially and not come out of your wedding being in debt.

Venues can already start being one of the most expensive parts of a wedding make sure to ask these following questions to make sure you aren’t paying even more money. Things like linens, valet, equipment and security can all be additional items depending on your venue.

Double checking that the venue you have linens that are included in the rental price is important, so you don’t have to run and grab plastic linen the day before your wedding.

If your venue doesn’t have great parking options sometimes, they will have the option to add on valet for your guests.

Last but not least make sure they don’t have any exclusive or required vendors? Some venue will not let you bring in your own food or décor which can make the cost of the venue more substantial.

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