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Clarissa & Lukus Jemtrud Wedding

This wedding to place on a beautiful August day at Sleepy Hollow

This couple was so excite to unite their family together. They made sure that their day had a little bit for everyone.

In the end all that mattered was that they got to marry their best fiend and spend the day with their family.


Photography: Ashtyn Goheen

** Shot out: This photography was hired by Glasser Images. Two days after the wedding Glasser unexpectedly closed, Ashtyn knowing that she would not get paid for the day still edited and delivered these amazing photos for the couple.

Mens Attired: White Lace Bridal

Florals: Were made from family of the couple.

Wedding Gown: White Lace Bridal

Decor: owned by the couple, set up by Dreams to Meet Event Planning.

Venue for Ceremony: Sleepy Hollow

Venue for Reception: The Radisson

Program: Dreams to Meet Event Planning

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